Ratings and Reviews

Your customer and client feedback is an invaluable part of how your grow your company. Not only do these ratings give you helpful insight on how your team is excelling, they also serve as powerful testimonials to attract new business.

Collecting positive feedback and making sure your online reviews are current is one of the smartest things you can do for your brand. Having a strong collection of relevant, qualified reviews is a surefire way to get new prospects to take notice of your good work. There’s no reason to ignore this aspect of marketing. In fact, once you get the right setup in place, it might be the easiest way to edge out your competition.

Need Help with Your Online Reviews?

Business owners today understand that it’s important to have online reviews. But knowing how to collect that feedback can be another matter. Partnering up with an experienced marketing and SEO company, though, can help you break down those steps. Find the right team, and you’ll even be able to pass all the details off for a real worry-free setup.

Since an estimated 86% of consumers rely on qualified ratings and reviews to make an informed decision about different companies, you really can’t let these steps get missed in your overall marketing strategy. It’s time to cover your bases and get company review pages on all of the top sites. We can help!

Google Reviews

As the go-to search engine, Google is a top priority for customer and client reviews. You need to have your company Google page in good standing if you want to put your brand ahead of the pack. This means you’ll have the accurate details for your company’s phone number, address, and website, plus great reviews on some of your most recent projects and client stories.

Being able to showcase these testimonials is a fantastic way to connect with your prospects on an emotional level. As consumers and clients ourselves, we all know how impactful rave Google reviews can be. We’re all more likely to reach out to a business after we’ve read about their success with others like us.


















Facebook Reviews

Keeping current on social media platforms isn’t just about posting new content and comments. You also want to give your past customers and clients a way to post about you. An up-to-date company Facebook page gives them that opportunity. By engaging with your target market online and specifically asking for reviews from happy customers, you’ll be able to show the world that you and your team are great at what you do. Facebook reviews can make all the difference.

Yelp Reviews

More and more industries are starting to get active on Yelp. There’s little wonder why! This search engine is great for getting targeted lists of the top businesses in your area. But you don’t want your competitors to get noticed before you.

Maintaining your business Yelp account lets you collect new company reviews and testimonials any day of the week. That way, you’ll help new leads feel confident about giving your team a call or coming in to check out your business in person. When you have that high-star rating, you’re sure to get noticed by your target market.

Collect Great Reviews with TopPage Digital

Company reviews help convince your prospects that they’ll love working with you. They set the tone for your first interaction, and they can make a big difference when you want to bolster your online presence. If you’re ready to find the right way to request this feedback, our marketing specialists at TopPage Digital can help advise you.

Whether you’d like to pursue Google review, testimonials on your Facebook business page, or feedback through Yelp, we can guide you through all of the steps. By completing your company profile and designing the right funnels and prompts to start requesting reviews, you’ll be able to really show the world that your company is second to none.


















To learn more about how reviews work to grow your business for the long-haul, give us a call at (208) 319-3443. We’re always here to help!

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